Programul Atelierului Juridic Fiat IustitiProgramul Atelierului Juridic Fiat Iustitia 2015a 2015

The Ius Iuventutis law students’ society was established in 1999-2000 being the first students’ society of „Petru Maior” University in Târgu Mureș. Ius iuventutis certainly reflects the spirit of the new generation of legal practitioners coming from the University „Petru Maior” Târgu Mureș. Its evolution is closely linked to the institutional development of the university. The initiative of creating this group belongs almost exclusively to a few visionary students, whose name will not be specified in this context because this type of initiative has characterized, characterizes and will always characterize the functionality of the students’ society. Therefore, Ius Iuventutis has belonged, belongs and will always belong to each and every student with initiative. And initiative also means initiation.

The students’ society has undergone several stages from its founding and its results are notable, even if, like living entities, it had its ups and downs. The activity of the students’ society is complex, covering a wide range of areas, but its representative activity, which has become tradition, remains the organisation and preparation of students for moot court competitions, both nationally and internationally. The members of the students’ society have taken the excellent reputation of „Petru Maior” University in various occasions throughout the country and beyond the frontiers of Romania. Students from prestigious universities from Romania cooperate with members of the students’ society and: „in fair fight emotions arise alike whenever there is a competition”.

The most important thing for the members of the students’ society is to state the original spirit of Mureș county, to reaffirm the existence of each generations’ characteristics and to establish relations of frienship and respect with those like them from other universities.

 The academic year of 2013-2014 was one of the most beautiful years of the students’ society, marking, among other things, the gratification for years long efforts, and also by opening to new domains. This year we can say that we achieved the best collaboration with other universities across the country; the first volume of Fiat Iustitia Moot Court Competition was published; other two volumes were published with the Universitary Publishing House, works themed on the European Court of Human Rights case-law, involving the work of students from our city; there has been substantial contributions to the establishment and functioning of the European Law Students’ Association Târgu Mureș; one of the students was selected as the third place winner at the national competition Student of the Year. An exceptional achievement is the participation of a team of students to the international competition Willem C. Vis Moot (Vienna), thereby opening a new path to an attractive and competitive field of law: international arbitration.

Edition 2014 – 2015

Members of the Jury


Dr. Irina Alexe

Univ. dr. Valerius Ciuca, former Judge at the Court of the European Union

Univ. dr. Mihai Şandru – Coordinator CELS

Univ. dr. Marin Voicu – First Romanian Judge at the European Court of Human Rights.

Granted Awards


Three internships for visiting the Court of Justice of the European Union (by courtesy of Mrs Camelia Toader – judge and Andrei Popescu – judge) and also books offered by law specialized publishing houses in Romania.